Monday, July 5, 2010

UBA QRP Foxhunt

The UBA QRP Foxhunt Summer season is starting tonight and is scheduled each Monday night 1930-2030 UTC July through August 2010.

The Aim is to promote QRP activity and the QSO exchange is pretty much open - you can exchange whatever you like (Real RST, Name, QTH, Rig, Antenna...) but you can also give out just the signal report.

All Activity is on 80m, but this time not only in CW but in PSK31 also?!

QRP CW (5W Max.) 3560 - 3580 kHz
QRP PSK31 (5W Max.) 3580 - 3600 kHz

Go to to see the complete schedule and sign up as Fox if you like, because activity is pretty low!

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Yesterday I found a neat little program for Android Smartphones on the Android Market. It's called SMS2CW, published by North Georgia Information Technologies and is free of charge.

When you get an SMS, the text will be played back as Morse code. You can set it up to play only the text message or the number from whom it is coming and you also can adjust the CW speed from 5 to 35 WPM in 5 WPM steps.

The only thing I don't like is that it supposedly won't read contacts from your phonebook but always play the number of the sender but anyhow it's a nice App, try it out.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mount Bjelasnica QRP Portable

Today I had some time so I decided to go out and make a few QSO-s from a nearby mountain - Bjelasnica, one of four Olympic mountains surrounding Sarajevo.
It was a hasty decision without any planning, just packed my Elecraft K2 with built-in 2.9 Ah Battery and auto-tuner, paddles and just a few meters of wire that was laying around.

After a nice drive of about 40 km from my Home, I arrived at a place just above 1400m a.s.l. which served as finish line for some competitions during the Olympic games of 1984.

If you look it up - it is at 43°42'27.90"N and 18°16'55.32"E you will see that the location is not really great because it is completely surrounded by hills but still does nice. This is how this place looks now, in bad weather.

As mentioned before, the portable Station was simple as it can get but still made big fun. In the past few months, the noise levels on the bands at my Home increased tremendously so that it was a big treat just to listen to the band noise!

I tuned trough the bands and made just a few QSO-s before the Thunder has begun and it was time to pack my stuff. The ATU in my K2 did a fine job tuning the short wire on all bands, as expected and efficiency was good enough to make 5 Watt contacts with loud stations.

I can recommend to everyone to take his Rig anywhere outside and have fun. Next time I will pack a lot more  wire (this time I had less than 5m) and probably my 12m fiberglass pole to try for some DX contacts. Also I will try out other places and mountains, of which we have many around the city.

All comments, suggestions and experiences are welcome!